"Health Master"

The Health Master team constantly exchanges experience and good practices with colleagues from international offices in Stockholm, Milan, Cambridge, Miami, Vienna, Munich and Istanbul to receive our patients THE BEST TIME!

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profesor-doctor-verginia georgieva
Prof. Dr. V. Georgieva

Director of the Center for Natural Medicine and Hunger Treatment, member of the Union of Scientists at BAS, member of the New York Academy of Sciences, member of the Society of Pharmacology, member of the Society of Neuroscience, member of the International Society of Antihistamines. Consultant of the newspaper Doctor, Prof. Dr. Cambridge.


Conducts research for 20 years - with a neuropharmacological focus. Her dissertation is dedicated to research  of Cognitive processes - damage by various drugs of the brain.

For the period 1992-2015 he specialized at the Ministry of Health with respectively passed exams and acquired specialties:

1. Phytotherapy-phytoprophylaxis.
2. Phytotherapy - for various chronic diseases.
3. Iris diagnostics
4. Natural medicine and healing nutrition - complex recovery of the body.
For this period there are over 20 popular science articles both at home and abroad. Prepared more than 15 reports presented at international forums.

For more than 20 years. Since 2000, Prof. Georgieva has established a center for natural medicine and famine treatment. There are thousands of patients who have responded to its complex methods of exposure.
1. Vegetarian - low calorie diet
2. Complex - antioxidant nutrition
3. Therapeutic fasting under strict individual programs
4. Effects through medical treatment
5. Complex therapy through dosing of drugs according to individual programs.
6. Bioresonance diagnostics and therapy, in accordance with the individual characteristics, age and metabolic of each patient.

In the field of integrative medicine Prof. Georgieva has been studying for the last 15 years. In Moscow Institute of New Medical Technologies. Creates unique programs, both prophylactic and therapeutic for individual impact on the body.

marin minchev health master
Bioenergy therapist
Marin Minchev

After many years dedicated to his mission abroad, bioenergy therapist Marin Minchev returned to his native land to help treat incurable problems.


As it is known, bioenergy can help with all types of diseases, such as: orthopedic problems related to the back, spine, joints, muscles, as well as headaches, depression, hormonal imbalance, problems with endocrine glands and others.


The gift of the Bulgarian therapist has made him famous all over Europe - Sweden, where he worked in a private clinic for joint problems, Germany, Spain, France and Turkey.


Our national wrestling team, as well as footballers, have trusted the golden hands of Marin Minchev.  

Marin Minchev has helped heal the health problems of hundreds of women, men and children.

"Many years ago I started therapy - and because of a serious illness I had. I couldn't get out of bed. I started praying to God and at one point he told me, 'Now I'm going to help you, but then I'm going to help you.' you help others. That's how I started helping relatives and friends first, "said the therapist, who made a series of informative videos on his social media page.  

Panic Attacks> Video

Thyroid> Video

Kovid> Video

doctor stefan stefanov
Biotechnologist Stefan Stefanov

Bachelor's degree - engineer-biotechnologist

FACULTY OF FOREIGN STUDENTS 144 countries with branches Germany / Russia / Bulgaria. Specialty DECORATIVE, TROPICAL AND SUBTROPIC CULTURES

Specialization  - laboratory for tissue cultures  with artificial nutrient media       


Specialization  - in vitro technology laboratory  with artificial nutrient media   GERMANY / RUSSIA

  Specialization  Plant biotechnology               GENETICS / BAS / SA

Specialization  Experimental mutagenesis  of the microalgae Chlorella vulgaris

                          GENETICS / BAS / SA

  Graduate, assistant  in the laboratory, and later  after winning a scientific competition - Research Associate  first degree director of the laboratory at  genetics and  selection of plant species according to the French system for plant tolerance of species  UPOF  / laboratory with experimental experimental field in organic farming /


Research associate first degree

laboratory of phytopathology  


Work on BIOSPHERE / Germany projects  for vertical and horizontal  green spaces  of private homes or offices / OMEGA -7  /  with phyto design including attractive stones, water cascades, built-in lighting,  green succulents,  evergreen species and exotic plants in a saturated oxygen environment, affecting the endocannabionic system of humans respectively humoral and cellular immunity.

Space health and space foods

Spintron holograms and neurolinguistic programming  of immunity in humans 

Epigenetic corrections of plant DNA on the processes of oxidative stress and vectors of infection in humans 

Quantum relativity in plant extracts and juvenile programs with nano bio cups. All the knowledge and experience gained over the years  of work with plant species, experimental mutagenesis, quantum numbers, in vitro technologies, nano biotechnologies,  space microalgae,  tissue cultures, biospheres, sterilizers, laminar boxes, phytostat and all three  specializations and the subsequent won  scientific competition with  The scientific degree in plant species selection and genetics led to the creation of a new type of genetic cuisine of the future, based on the Hippocratic Testament - food as prevention and treatment for humans.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lyuben Stanev

Initiator and inspirer for the establishment of the Quality of Life Association. He was unanimously elected, by the founders, as Chairman of the Association. According to his idea, NCIOM was assigned to conduct the first study in Bulgaria on the Quality of Life in Bulgaria.

Together with a team of experts, he launched a project to improve the quality of life.

Founder of the Diplomat Balkan Center Foundation, supporting culture, sports and tourism in the region

Participates in the creation of the Diplomat brand, which is one of the favorite, by Bulgarians, household appliances.

Participates in the creation of the first concept hotel in Bulgaria, DIPLOMAT PLAZA HOTEL & RESOT. She is a co-author of his unique concept "Special moments for special people".