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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions from clients so that you are prepared and informed about the treatment at the "Health Master" clinic

What is the guarantee that you will refund me?

The degree of success of the bioenergy method cannot be measured quantitatively with exact data, because it is strictly individual for each organism. The reason for this is that it all depends on your body's natural healing powers. Precisely, that is why it is safe for all age categories, both for the elderly and for the young, but also for children.

When will I feel improvement and be fully healed?

Conventional medical procedures can be done quickly and easily, but with holistic medicine, time is required because it is a consistent marathon, not just a sprint. The holistic method of bioenergy therapy takes longer to treat and heal because it treats the problem at its root. It also requires you to play an active role in the healing process. Depending on the health problem and the individual condition of the patient, the healing results of the impact may be immediate, but they may also appear later because the body needs time to integrate the change made.

Can I skip diagnosis and enter therapy right away?

The answer is NO! The initial diagnosis of the whole human organism cannot be skipped or skipped. Diagnoses made by conventional medical procedures are different from those in holistic medicine. Sometimes the cases with the medical diagnosis do not correspond to the one according to holistic medicine. The integrative approach finds more precisely what the root cause of the disease is. Bioenergy therapy aims to find the root of the problem, and accordingly the entire bio-energy mass is concentrated precisely in it, so that the healing process can be qualitative and cover the entire organism. The process is strictly individual and there is no way to make a hasty decision to start a specific therapy based on a conventional opinion that is shared with the patient. There is no such practice in integrative medicine because it is an unprofessional and   dysfunctional act.

What can I feel from bio-energy therapy?

During the procedure, many patients experience deep relaxation, warmth and peace. Some also experience slight vibrations. These changes can occur at any time, including during, immediately after, and for several days after treatment.  These sensations arise because the blood vessels in the surface dilate. In addition, they are due to the fact that the balance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body, which has been disturbed due to oxidative stress, is restored.

These sensations are individual and depend on both the sensitivity of the patient and the nature of his diseases.

What is the price?

Health cannot be estimated and the value of treatment is not a permanent constant quantity. This is because each person is unique, has different DNA, a different immune response, and has individual problems and different degrees of damage to different organs.

Therefore, his needs and desires must be approached precisely and strictly individually. Therefore, there is no way to give an exact price before diagnosis of the whole organism. Since the holistic method of bio-energy healing takes longer to fully heal because the root cause of the specific ailments is being treated, an exact and specific amount cannot be given to the patient as to how much a full cycle of healing bio-energy therapies would cost them. .

The calculation of a fixed price for subsequent visits for treatment is established after a successful diagnosis of the whole organism. Based on the initial examination, information is learned about the specific patient, what he is suffering from and which are the energetically damaged organs causing imbalance in the body.

Will Marin Minchev cure me completely?

In addition to the healing therapies of Healer Marin Minchev, you are required to play an active role in your own healing in order to have a quality restoration of your overall health. You need to follow the recommendations for improving your health that will be given to you at the end of each treatment session in order to improve your health faster

How will Marin Minchev treat me?

During the session, the therapist places his hands on an affected area of the patient's body (the patient remains fully clothed) and allows the bioenergy to pass through the hands of the Healer Marin Minchev into the patient's body. This causes the patient to: relax, release stress, clear energy blockages, be able to restore tissues, remove joint growths, clear his energy and bio field, remove energy interference and, if necessary, make energy protection possible .

Can I be accompanied during diagnosis/treatment at Marin Minchev?

No. Each patient personally and individually meets with the biotherapist so that the energy field between the Healer and the given patient is not disturbed. Exceptions are made only for: children up to 14 years old. and people with disabilities who need to have a personal assistant by their side at all times.

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