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What is holistic medicine?

Holistic medicine is a healing practice that dates back to 200 BC and has a lot of written evidence to support it. Middle Eastern countries where it is developed, the newest treatment is bioenergy therapy. Holistic treatment refers to a philosophy that believes that the three main elements in a person are: mind, body and spirit. Everything in this world is energy. Holistic medicine interprets disease and disability as an imbalance between these three constituent parts of each individual. That is why they must be treated in parallel, all three in order to achieve good health.

What is bioenergy?

The ancients called the energy that surrounds us with the name "chi" or life force. Bioenergy healing uses this surrounding energy in conjunction with our own to aid the body's healing process. Bioenergy cannot harm a person in any way, but only help and heal him.

What is bioenergy treatment (bioenergy therapy)?

Bio-energy treatment is a non-invasive therapy covering all aspects of a person – body, mind and spirit. Its action is not only gentle and simple, but also effective. This alternative treatment method provides deep relaxation. This type of therapy has a refreshing but also rejuvenating effect. The main result is that the immune balance is restored, making the body capable of self-healing.

Why is there an imbalance in the body?

Emotions directly affect the bioenergy field of each of us. The reason for unlocking the majority of serious diseases is related to negativity, lifestyle and poor quality food that we ingest daily. Fear and doubt can affect health and the immune system. It is in these painful moments that we get sick. Diseases are a sign of energy imbalance in the body.

Holistic methods with bio-energy healing give remarkable results in:

  • chronic diseases - asthma, COPD, atherosclerosis, Diabetes Type 2;

  • degenerative - arthrosis, osteoporosis, disc herniation, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, enlarged prostate gland;

  • autoimmune diseases – Hashimoto's thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis/spike, lupus, Crohn's disease, Bekhterev's disease;

  • recurring conditions – chronic bronchitis, chronic cystitis, etc.

  • neurological problems – panic attacks, depression, insomnia, fear neurosis, etc.

  • hormonal disorders - impotence in men, lack of fertility in women, polycystic ovaries;

  • undiagnosed cases, pain of a different nature, etc.

Bioenergy therapy supports tissue and immune T-cell regeneration and repair. It can be seriously used during recovery from illness, surgery, stroke, heart attack, pregnancy and childbirth.

There are many different types of energy therapy. They are divided into two main groups:

  • Bioenergetic treatment using electromagnetic fields.

These are light, magnetism and sound. Their use is natural, making them easy to measure, but they are weak and slow to act.

  • Bioenergy therapy through "healing touch".

It "is designed to affect the energy fields that are said to surround and permeate the body." These therapies are designed for quick and complete recovery of the body.

Each person has individual DNA and is unique in nature, with strictly individual problems, and this is precisely the great advantage of this type of therapy. With it, the patient is approached strictly individually, according to his needs.

What is the treatment method of Bioenergy therapist Marin Minchev?

At the Health Master clinic, we use bioenergy therapy, through "healing touch". This type of bioenergy treatment consists in the fact that the given bioenergy therapist lays his hands on the human body and, based on the identification of the given problem, the holisticist Marin Minchev raises his energy vibrational level and thus manages to restore it in order to achieve balance in the body again.

Bioenergy therapist Marin Mirchev is a world-renowned phenomenon with many years of experience in bioenergy treatment. He has been gifted with this power since birth and is a follower of the holistic approach to health restoration. The Marin Minchev phenomenon considers a person as a complex of interconnected energy systems that must function in balance. His method of treatment can be explained in this way:

  1. Marin Minchev, puts his hands on specific areas of the human body that are affected.

  2. The energy therapist's body acts as a conduit that directs the energy to the parts of the body that need healing. The goal is to restore organs, joints and remove blockages, allowing energy to flow more freely through the body.

  3. Thus, it manages to stimulate the immune system and strengthen the healing process.

  4. Restores lost energy (where pain is felt) in the given parts of the body. Thus pain and discomfort disappear.

The bioenergy therapy performed by Healer Marin Minchev is safe, non-invasive (bloodless), non-surgical, radiation-free and painless for the patient.

What is the diagnosis/therapy?
Marin Minchev performs a detailed diagnosis of the entire organism in order to locate the root cause signal that triggered the relevant disease. The treatment session takes place in 5 stages:


1. The duration of the diagnosis is between 30 minutes and 1 hourstarting with a short interview with the patient - how he feels at the moment and what concerns he has about his own health.

2. During the diagnosis, the therapist connects with the patient's energy and locates the affected areas. A dialogue takes place in which all the information that the Healer learns about the particular patient is shared.

3. The session ends with a short conversation to ensure that the patient has understood which are his: healthy, diseased and energetically damaged organs.

4. The bioenergetic therapist then gives individual recommendations that are recommended to be implemented by the patient.

5. The patient has a personal commitment to follow the recommendations for recovery and preparation of the body for therapy. It is necessary to start the first therapy within 20 days to start the healing process.


1. Exand treatment therapy has begun, each session begins with an interview and an assessment of progress since the previous session. Duration is individual.

2. After the interview, the bioenergy therapist begins to work with the client's body by placing hands on the relevant parts of the body. The goal is to normalize first the spiritual body and then the physical body.

3. During the session, the client remains fully clothed and sits in a comfortable chair or lies on a massage bed.

4. The session ends with a short conversation to ensure a successful healing process.

5. It is important for the patient to strictly follow the given advice, because they are strictly individual for each person and are determined according to their condition, health problems, DNA and their stage of recovery.

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