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Prof. Dr. Verginia Georgieva

Director of the Center for Natural Medicine and Starvation Treatment, member of the Union of Scientists at BAS, member of the New York Academy of Sciences

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The phytotherapy performed by Prof. Dr. Verginia Georgieva refers to a specially and individually prepared program aimed at the specific problems of the patient, including the intake of certain herbal supplements. Phyto-medicines are completely natural and made from plants and herbs, retaining all their beneficial properties. Herbal remedies have historically been used by humans to treat a wide range of acute or chronic health conditions. The phytotherapy treatment program prevents damage to cells in the body that lead to a number of serious diseases such as cancer and dementia. Prof. Dr. Georgieva is a pharmacology specialist who studies how certain chemicals in plants, called phytochemicals, can help slow the process of cell damage or prevent it altogether.


Therapeutic starvation

Prof. Dr. Verginia Georgieva works on the method of therapeutic starvation treatment, which aims to redirect the metabolism to "internal power", that is, when the body begins to use and feed itself through its internal fat reserves. As a result of this type of therapy, the gastrointestinal tract can be unloaded, the functions of organs and systems are transformed, and the hormonal status in the human body is improved. All these transformations help a person begin to regenerate, which is inherent to his body. Prof. Dr. Georgieva prepares an individual plan for each patient, tailored to his health problems and goals he wishes to achieve.


Bioresonance diagnostics

Bioresonance diagnostics is widespread nowadays among the methods of alternative medicine. With bioresonance diagnostics performed by Prof. Dr. Verginia Georgieva, you can get a detailed assessment of your general state of health, as well as complete information about the state of individual systems or organs in your body. Bioresonance diagnostics is beneficial for you because it appears as a good preventive measure to prevent future complications, diseases and infections.

Therapies at the "Health Master" clinic

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